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    This has got to have been one of the first secular self-improvement books to have been written. Franklin's wonderfully frank, and refreshingly down-to-earth account of his life recounts the 13 virtues which he tried to put into practice from the age of 20. With endearing humility he tells us how he's never quite managed to achieve the standards that he's set for himself.

    Franklin is a huge hero of mine. He was a true giant on the world stage. In his own time he was easily the most famous American on the planet, negotiating America's difficult relationship with England and pulling France in as a vital ally in the American Revolutionary War.

    His autobiography is a fascinating account of a life lived to the full against the backdrop of some very [i]interesting[/i] times. It's out of copyright - by quite a margin - so you can download it free from Amazon Kindle, using the link in my post.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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