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Can I find a way to get rid of stress?

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    Hi, I am fresher working for a software company. I am not able to cope with the new surroundings. I know adapting to the new workspace is one of the major challenges that I should face during my initial period of work life. But because of my negative attitude, I am not able to cope up with the situation and this is making me stressed out. I want to get out of this stress. I thought of resigning my job. But my dad said that it will affect my career. So I am planning to continue with the job and thinking of some remedy to get out of the stress and negative thoughts. When I discussed this with my friend, she suggested me cognitive behavior therapy in Toronto. I have taken an appointment there. The problem with this is, I need around 18 to 20 weekly meeting.
    If we stop the therapy in between will there any problem? Is this treatment expensive? If we take this therapy, will that bring any significant change in my thoughts? Will my thinking be stable after this treatment? Please give some genuine replies

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    I understand that you’re still in the period of adjusting considering that you are a fresh grad and a newbie in the job. Maybe you’re thinking too much that mainly causes your stress. Take things one at a time. It’s better that you have your “Things to do” log in order for you to check the list of task you have to accomplish for the day, the urgent, most especially. Look for some motivation. Try to do some self-check and identify the reasons why do you want to continue with your job rather that thinking about the worst.

    Thanks 🙂



    Find a hobby and a good work life balance. That is all you can do, tbh.


    Take up a craft. Occupy your hands and your mind and create. Crafting is social and leads to involvement in all sorts of social activities and meeting new people. Knitting, sewing, embroidery, felting – everyone is capable of doing something. There are craft groups everywhere.


    Haven’t logged on for a while so just adding to this to this thread to personally recommend Lucinda who gives you tools that you can use yourself to help deal with stressful situations – especially if you are time poor!


    There are a couple of techniques, the first is Tapping (EFT) which you can use for yourself or if it is something particular then work with someone, it is a quick and very effective way of helping stress and the second is Reiki, this will help you on both an emotional level and a physical one. THirdly there are some great mindfulness techniques to use as well.

    You are welcome to call me and we can chat (in confidence of course) about how I could best help you do please feel free to call 07767 685315


    Hi Kim, have you tried yoga? The first thing people notice as they start practicing yoga is that it reduces stress. In my yoga classes I always include mindfulness meditation, which also helps to get into rest and relax mode, calming the nervous system down. If you would like to, why not come and join me for a class and see how it feels? Best wishes to you! Annette 07789 175 481 (annettewiikyoga.com)


    I would recommend you to drink calmax, it helps when you’re under a lot of stress. It calms you down and energizes you. Good luck!


    Hi Kim,

    Sorry to hear that you are feeling under pressure, adapting to a new workplace can be a challenge and so can transitioning from studying to working.

    Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is a solution-focused treatment which can help you to recognise and challenge unhelpful thoughts that you have about your situation. Treatment with CBT can provide long-lasting, signicant change; by changing the way you think, you can change the way you feel. I teach elements of CBT successfully in my practice where I work as a hypnotherapist and I also teach this approach to my students in their Hypno-psychotherapy training. Sessions of CBT can be as few as 6 and up to the sort of number of sessions you describe. In the meantime you may find hypnotherapy apps or recordings (such as you can find on YouTube) helpful to reduce or manage your stress. Best of luck.

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