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    Great article written by Emma Hammett from First Aid for Life about staying safe at Easter.

    'There has been a lot of talk in the press recently about the dangers of children choking on smaller Easter eggs.  As such, we decided to raise some awareness of the issue – and the response we have had been amazing.  It just shows how interested people really are in accident prevention and staying safe.  Read on to learn a top tip to help keep children safe this Easter.

    The story came about after a mother shared her story about how her daughter choked on a mini egg several years ago.  Her story is a stark reminder of just how easily small, round foods can become a choking hazard for young children.  For years now, we’ve known that grapes are potentially very dangerous for young children.  As a result, many schools and nurseries across the country have now banned children from bringing them in as part of their packed lunch.  Mini Easter eggs are now being flagged as a danger too.  Parents are being advised to either buy larger, hollow eggs that are less of a choking hazard – or to supervise their children much more closely when they are eating them.'....

    Please don’t panic though. Although choking is very common and extremely frightening, it is still comparatively rare that it proves fatal.

    Please follow the link below for a full guide as to how to help a choking child and what to do in an emergency

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    First aid for life is fantastic and everyone should do a First Aid course with them. It's a life essential. Yesterday's course was invaluable. Jen is incredibly knowledgeable and her warm and energetic personality made the session a truly enjoyable and memorable one. She managed to cram a lot of information in the 3 hours session, yet always very clearly explained. Huge thanks to Jen of course and to RHC (Sarah and Caroline) for yet another really helpful session!

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