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Get fit with great value personal training gym FIT 8

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    I have been a member of a little known private gym for over 4 years. Tucked away under Savills in Wimbledon Village it is a hidden gem and selfishly we keep the secret to ourselves. However, it is time to tell all of you looking to make some changes in your health and fitness about this wonderful place. It does not have a fancy coffee lounge, flash changing rooms, jacuzzi, sauna or free shampoos. What it does have is the most fantastic group of trainers who will motivate you, help you make changes in your life and get you fitter than you thought possible. It works like this. There are a number of packages. I am currently signed up to the basic 1 Session a week option and this entitles me to book a personal training session as you might have guessed once a week. There is a maximum number of 2 people to one trainer but most of the time, as I book out of peak times I have a one to one session. However sharing with another person is really motivating and the trainers are great at differentiating between abilities so I have always had just as much attention. It’s actually great fun training with someone else.On top of this Fit 8 also run a number of classes which are included in your membership. I am currently attending the Gym 6 times a week. Today was circuit class, 4 of us were there with the wonderful Noella putting us through our paces. On Monday night I attended Spin Fit (I usually go to running club on Wimbledon common on Monday mornings. Two groups set off, one running and the other fast paced walking) Later this week I have cardio club, another circuit class and my personal training session. I’m really trying to commit to 6 days a week….it’s the summer hols so making the most of no school run, but usually I’ll manage 3 times a week. It really is fantastic value compared to the years and years of membership fees I wasted in fancy clubs where most of the time I was lured into the coffee lounge for a gossip. Why did I join Fit 8? Well I had a really horrible slipped disc and at 40 thought it was all downhill. I had surgery on my back and spent about a year recovering but a friend let me in on the Fit 8 secret and I have not looked back, I am strong and healthy and fit thanks to their support and motivation. What ever you want to achieve, be it weight loss, toning, strength or to feel happy in your own skin I would bet you will find the help you need here.

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    More people are discovering the benefits of Personal Training over signing for a gym membership.
    For one thing, having an expert alongside you as you work to achieve your goals assures you of a
    well-thought-of workout plan.


    Very happy to endorse also, been using fit8 for 3+ years.

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