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How to choose clothes that make you feel amazing!

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    Hi everyone,
    Just a quick note from me to recommend the local stylist Judi Lockard.
    I had a colour analysis session with Judi back in November last year and have since thought I should write about it as I found it super useful!

    Here is Judi’s website:
    Contact details:
    Phone Number: 07939 568051
    Email Address: judi@judilockard.london

    Since having my session with Judi I am much more confident when out shopping. I now which colours suit me and make me look good. You can get amazing results by learning which colours are right for you. Once you have the knowledge you can start playing around with things and it’s more fun rather than stress.

    I know so many people who postpone buying new clothes until they loose weight and get tonned etc. The truth is that you can start looking better and feeling better immediately, without having to wait for your body to change.

    I highly recommend the colour analysis session with Judi. She is friendly, easy-going and makes you feel comfortable. I am really not someone who is into fashion, but I left the session feeling inspired and excited about creating a wardrobe made of clothes which I truly like and which work well for me. Something I now feel more confident I can do!

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    The next time someone says ‘I can’t think of a gift’ point them in Judi’s direction. My favourite Christmas gift last year was a colour analysis and wardrobe stylist with Judi Lockard. It’s a gift that keeps on giving – she has removed stress from shopping and getting ready for work in the morning with a simple palette of tips. I’m a mum in full time employment and I’m now back to walking out of the house feeling fabulous. Priceless! Thank you Judi and thank you gifter.

    Marie-Louise Schembri

    Director, Environmental Engineer


    Totally Agree!!
    Judi discovered a variety of clothes in the right shape & colour, that I would have missed & was so patient with my phobias (my arms & stomach!) If you need to upgrade your wardrobe for new styles & colours, it is well worth paying for Judi’s help. as then you’re not wasting money on clothes that seem ok in the shop, but after one wear you know are not right for you & which will just linger at the back of the wardrobe. I now have a few classy classics that will hopefully last me for years.”
    Judi is also wonderful company, so the day is a complete pleasure!

    Judi Lockard

    Hi Anna,
    Thank you for your post! So glad you are enjoying your new colours. This is the time of year when colour makes a huge difference. I’m so tired of seeing everyone in black, blue or grey this time of year. Just by adding a scarf, earrings or even a lip colour in something suited to your colour palette can give you and everybody else a real lift!

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