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    If you are looking for a seriously first class caterer, look no further!  I would highly recommend JANICE CALOURI who runs her own company "Mi Piace!".  Telephone:  07740 086055  Email:  janicecaluori@mipiace.co.uk

    I was invited to a summer BBQ where Janice was catering, and I can honestly say the lamb and beef were amongst the best I have ever tasted.  Her salads were amazing and so were the puddings!

    Some months later, my neighbour asked me for a recommendation for a caterer to come to his home and produce "top quality" canapés over a period of 4 hours for a party.  It wasn't until after the initial meeting with my friend (which janice passed with flying colours) that I 'let on' he was the MD of The Ritz!  After a few sharp intakes of breath by Janice, she duly produced the goods which drew gasps from all the guests.  Needless to say the food was absolutely incredible and she has already been booked for his next party!

    I decided to host a dinner party myself a few weeks ago, and I asked Janice to cook for me; once again, the food was superb.  I cannot recommend Janice highly enough.

    She is always spot on time, super organised, cooks & clears up as she goes along, and by the end of the evening, everything had been cooked, served, eaten, cleared up, and I was left with extremely happy (& full) guests and a very clean kitchen & dining room!

    I have only known Janice for 7 months, but I feel as though I have known her forever.  She is highly professional, incredibly friendly and very accommodating to "fussy" clients!






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