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Steam generator irons

This topic contains 6 replies, has 5 voices, and was last updated by Lizzie 6 years, 3 months ago.

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    My tefal steam generator iron has died or is dying – it is haemorrhaging scale through the steam holes and leaving unsightly marks on my washed clothes! i have always used tap water which i know isn’t a good idea even if it is softened.
    i now need a replacement – can anyone recommend a good replacement? i think i now need to buy the ionised water in future to increase the life span.

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    Hi gandt. thank you for posting your message. i have linked your message to a previous topic. there are some suggestions for steam irons. lizzie, your steam iron sounds good. perhaps you could post the type and model. many thanks everyone. sarah


    …not wishing to brag, but i do in fact have the model that knows what you’re ironing!! you really can put the iron straight onto silk or something delicate and it adjusts temp…highly recommended, though pricey!


    Thank you for the replies -a very nice man at john lewis told me to try descaling the iron through the reservoir and it’s worked so the iron is as good as new. although having looked at the latest models i wouldn’t mind one that seems to know what you’re ironing and adjusts its temperature automatically!


    I would recommend chatting to the extremely helpful people at kohn lewis, who provided me with all the info i needed to make an informed decision…and i cannot say enough good things about the steam function, which really has saved me time and effort when doing my least favourite domestic task!


    Before u buy a new one, have u tried cleaning it with iron/kettle cleaner? the solution is poured into the reservoir and should push all the scale out. try using boiled water rather than tap water. also works.


    Hi, i bought a morphy richards jet stream steam generator iron about 4 years ago and it’s still going strong! i’ve not looked after it very well as haven’t changed the de-scaler cartridge nearly as often as i should and i use tap water however the only time the brown ‘gunk’ comes out is when the iron is not hot enough and i use the steam button. argos etc tend to have customer reviews on products which may help you choose a reliable one. good luck!

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