Why I don’t tell clients what career to follow

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“I would love to know what my biggest strengths are, what I’m great at and how to make a successful career of it.”

This is a very common request I get when I first speak to someone thinking of changing careers.  And my answer always is: “Yes, we will absolutely look at that!”

Another one is:

“This is what I’ve done up to now, what my current role and responsibilities are and I’d like to know where to go from here as I am no longer excited about the work I’m doing.”

Knowing our biggest strengths, past work experiences and present work circumstances are all, of course, part of the puzzle we put together to look at what could be the next step in our careers.  It is all relevant and valuable, but to overcome feelings of restlessness and to satisfy the yearning to have a more exciting career, we need to know more.  We need to dig deeper.

What I know for sure 🙂 is that to find fulfilment in our lives we need to look inward and connect to our deepest wishes.

This is true in all areas of our lives, including at work.  Once we know what it is we desire in this phase of our work lives, whether it is to help people, to create, to innovate, to organise, to manage, to beautify, to educate, to learn, to raise awareness, to lead or sometimes even to rest, to simply nourish ourselves for a while, we can then consider the next best step for us to take.

When you start connecting with yourself at a deeper level, you tap into your natural strengths and inherent wisdom.  This is where your power lies to find guidance into what is fulfilling for you and where you find the motivation to keep moving forward when things get challenging. This process will also help ensure that you do not continue to do just what you are good at and what others expect of you, in sacrifice of what you could potentially be great at that you may have never considered before.  Once you get clear on the direction you wish to follow, you can then look externally for experts to help optimise your chances, whether it is a CV or personal branding professional, a mentor, an accountant, a lawyer, specialised training or anything else required for your chosen path.

As soon as we find or create the opportunities to satisfy our deepest wishes for growth in the direction we genuinely desire, magic begins to happen in the form of synchronicities, unexpected offers and partnerships, support from where we least expect it and most of all - JOY. Life starts to feel a bit lighter and you find more clarity to help you make decisions. You will begin to feel excited again and your world will slowly start to transform into one that reflects your true self.

As I have written about before, this process of self-reflection can be generated by activities such as meditation, yoga, forest-bathing, art, journaling and energy work, but doing it on our own can take a long time.  I know, because that is how I did it until I did my coaching training!

This journey of discovery can be done more quickly and easily by working with a coach and this is the work I do with my clients.  In our sessions, I will create a sanctuary, a safe space, where no judgements are made and no dream is over the top.  I will be there to listen and reflect back to you the thread that ties together your vision and possibilities. I will be there to remind you how strong and capable you have been.  I will be your biggest supporter and will ask the questions to help you find your answers.  I will show you how to connect to that deeper wisdom, how to listen to your soul and start creating a new work life in a way that feels good.  No pushing and no hustle because it is inspired, not prescribed. We will do it with a sense of humour and, if you wish, I can infuse it all with Reiki energy too.

My clients are now in pursuit of their dreams – as am I.  Will you join us?  Book a complimentary call with me to find out more at https://www.dinamichele.com/calendar-intro.  I can’t wait to hear from you!

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Photo by Laurencia Soesanto on Unsplash