Why will I push you?

Coaching the Confidence Muscle

Why will I push you? I will push you because I know you can fly. I have seen it happen in hundreds of people. I have witnessed the transformative power of physical challenge on individual mindset and confidence. It just takes one person to look you in the eye and say "yes you can"; and then, "I've got you", if you fall.

I thrive on enabling, energising and empowering others to get closer to the edge, to take that brave step forward whatever the challenge. After years of coaching physical muscle, I believe that mental muscle can be trained in the same way. By creating small habits, repeated regularly, that can create an ingrained neural pathway. If we can train our muscles to run a marathon by lots of smaller practice runs and by focusing our internal dialogue; then we can train ourselves to face challenge, adversity, setback and barriers with confidence by practising using our mental muscle and our mindset in these scenarios.

Recency + Frequency =Fluency. This is a key equation in our brain. The more recent the behaviour, the more it is repeated, the more fluent the neural pathway. Add emotion to the equation and the memory & learning is stronger. Challenging yourself physically when you need to be brave, when you need to be confident, when you need to get through discomfort is a great way to learn experientially and emotionally how you deal with those situations and then to reframe them, change the language and go again.

I can take you to the edge and I will push you...... and you will fly.