Introduction to our Schools Programme

The Really Helpful Club launched our Schools Programme in 2019. This comprises a series of talks aimed at helping and preparing our children for success and happiness in their adult lives. This is all about having the skills, confidence and wellbeing to thrive in the 21st Century.

The programme of informative and inspirational talks and workshops are supported by world-leading experts and inspiring thought leaders.  They deliver high-value information on a range of relevant, tailored issues, creating real and tangible benefits to schools, pupils, teachers, alumnae networks and parents.

Our talks cover a wide range of important topics for understanding and embracing the modern world, from mental and physical wellbeing, positive parenting and intergenerational planning to career and financial advice.

We run both community events for RHC Members and create bespoke programmes for individual schools offering a range of talks for pupils, parents, teaching staff and alumnae networks.

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Work With Us

We are proud to work with King's College School Wimbledon, Wimbledon High School and ACS International Schools.

King's College School Wimbledon is an independent day school for boys aged 7-18 and girls aged 16-18.  Founded in 1829 by Royal Charter, it is a school of over 1400 pupils and is one of the most academically successful schools in the world.

Wimbledon High School is one of the country’s leading girls’ schools and part of the Girls Day School Trust.  The GDST is a group of 25 independent schools - 23 schools and two academies - in England and Wales, catering for pupils aged 4 to 18.  The GDST is the largest group of independent schools in the UK and educates 20,000 girls each year, and has an active alumnae network of over 70,000 members spanning the world and every professional sector.

ACS International Schools is a group of four independent schools catering for local and international families - three in England and one in Qatar, and educate over 3,700 students, aged 2 to 18, day and boarding, from more than 100 countries.

When we surveyed our sixth form to ask about what external speakers and workshops they would like ‘financial literacy’ came up again and again as something our older students wanted to talk about. With this in mind, we were thrilled to host the Really Helpful Club and David Holton to speak to our U6 to introduce them to the financial decisions they will be making in the coming months and years.

Informative and detailed, David’s presentation guided the students through the complexities of student loans, how to budget effectively and the magic of compound interest! His engaging talk was one of our most attended Teams events of the year and students have enjoyed using his ‘leave behind’ materials to continue these discussions in form time.

The feedback from the session has been excellent with one parent getting in touch to say, ‘…thank you very much to whoever delivered the Financial Awareness talk to the sixth form - it must have been excellent. I had the most animated and interesting discussion with X for well over an hour afterwards. Definitely an eye opener for him…’ We are already thinking about how we can embed this topic into our sixth form PSHE curriculum and we look forward to working with David and the Really Helpful Club in the future.

Olivia Harman, Deputy Head Sixth Form, King's College School Wimbledon

Olivia Harman, Deputy Head Sixth Form, King's College School Wimbledon

Sarah, Thank you so much for steering the evening so effortlessly and fabulously. Alicia’s talk to our parents was interesting and enlightening. She spoke so knowledgeably and relevantly about protecting children’s mental health. Her expertise was evident as she spoke effortlessly about the issues and in a way that was encouraging to all parents. I have received many positive comments from parents to say how much they valued the chance to think about the things they can do to encourage positive mental health.

Sarah Piper, Head of Wellbeing, St Andrew's Prep, Eastbourne

Sarah Piper, Head of Wellbeing, St Andrew's Prep, Eastbourne

Our Schools Programmes

Our talks and workshops cover a wide range of topics and skills for understanding and embracing the modern world and include:

The Future of Work - Artificial Intelligence and Your Child's Future

Financial knowledge and Confidence: Educating the next generation

How to Maximise Career and Life Opportunities by being a Confident and Skilful Communicator

Cracking the Code: The Importance of Computational Thinking

How to Protect Your Child's mental Health

The Link Between Physical and Mental Wellbeing

Food for Life - Wellbeing, Nutrition and Health

Positive Parenting: Raising Confident and Motivated Children

Family Matters – advice and solutions for the ‘Sandwich Generation’ about planning across the generations

The Future of Work - Artificial Intelligence and Your Child’s Future

Technological progress over the last half century has been staggering.  We are entering a new era of innovation and disruptive technologies which are impacting our lives.

These technologies have the potential to benefit humankind in numerous ways, but only if they are used responsibly and ethically.  There will be many intended and unintended consequences that come with each step forward on this journey

Whether the words 'Artificial Intelligence' strike fear into you, or you embrace them with open arms, it is clear that this developing technology will soon impact every area of our lives.

There are concerns about AI and automation leading to a loss of jobs and the creation of skills gaps. The truth is that Artificial Intelligence is advancing so rapidly that 85% of the jobs that our children will do have not even been invented yet!

However, with AI helping to improve education, enhance leisure activities and even positively impact medical diagnosis, there are many benefits as well as challenges in our children's future. We just need to prepare them by giving them the tools to develop self-confidence and build a resilient mindset to cope with this fast pace of change.

This talk focuses on helping our children to develop the skills, confidence and wellbeing to in their adult lives and covers 3 key areas:

  • Demystify the myths surrounding the Future of Work
  • Demonstrate opportunities and challenges the 4th revolution brings
  • Provide understanding of the importance of emotional intelligence, adaptability, self-awareness, resilience and confidence to be successful, whatever our path

Financial knowledge and Confidence: Educating the Next Generation 

Healthier lifestyles and better medical care are helping towards increased life expectancy. According to research by Accenture, today’s global population aged 60 and over makes up 10% of the overall population. By 2050, this figure is expected to double, amounting to 2 billion people. Many people have no idea how critical long-term saving is to their financial future; fiscal knowledge and financial planning is just not on their radar.

While this is a key issue for the whole of society, financial inequality is one of the greatest challenges we face today. On current estimates it will take more than 200 years to close the gender pay gap. Many women have no idea how critical long-term saving is to their financial future and our talks will specifically highlight the need for women to become more fiscally aware and engaged.

Industry studies have defined the 6 moments that matter most in the financial lives of women. From starting work; having children; sharing care and the decision about returning to work, divorce; elderly care, widowhood and the financial vulnerability women face in old age (70% of women will die alone).  This puts them at risk in a future where women are outliving men, divorce rates are high and more and more young couples are cohabiting rather than getting married.

This talk focuses on helping our children to develop their financial knowledge, understanding and confidence ready for their adult lives and covers 4 key areas:

  • Introduction to savings and investment
  • introduction to entrepreneurship
  • Student finance, borrowing, credit and mortgages
  • The importance of philanthropy

How to Maximise Career and Life Opportunities by being a Confident and Skilful Communicator

In this technology-dominated 21st century, many people struggle with one of the most fundamental of all life skills – face to face communication. As a result, they are failing to be heard in meetings (with clients or colleagues); they are not ‘shining’ in presentations and pitches and are unable to do themselves justice on conference calls, in client meetings and at networking events.  In essence, they are missing chances to contribute, to grow, to impress.

How, therefore, to fulfil one’s potential and to maximise these career and life opportunities?  How to demonstrate gravitas and get your voice in the room?  The key lies in establishing robust communication skills (habits).

In our practical and lively sessions (seminars, workshops, one-to-one coaching and group training), our highly experienced communications coach empowers people to be able to persuade, inform and resonate with others.  She gives them the mind set and the skill set to be more in control and therefore more confident, better equipped to deal with challenging situations. Crucially, she shows them that confidence is not a mystical force field or an inherent quality. It’s a ‘muscle’ which can be grown.

This workshop centres on:

  • Why communication is so important, at any stage in life
  • Why many young people are struggling to be heard
  • The impact of technology
  • How communication is like a sport – it requires a set of techniques and a positive mind set
  • Confidence is a muscle – we can grow our own
  • How to deal with challenge and how to argue
  • Blowing your own trumpet – learning to own your achievements
  • The power of positive communication
  • Learning to apologise
  • The art of listening and empathy

Get in touch to find out more about how we can work with your organisation.

Work With Us

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