VI friendly job interview process

Make sure your interview process is accessible to vision impaired applicants.

In last week’s blog, we discussed how to make the application processes accessible. An interview with a vision impaired person can be unnerving, but there are some things you can do to help things run smoothly and ensure the process is fair.

10 steps to a disability friendly interview

Employers should  ensure that a blind or vision impaired candidate is put on a level playing field with their sighted fellow candidates. Decisions must be based solely on a candidate’s ability and suitability.

  1. Ensure that all staff involved have received equality and diversity training to ensure that the interview process is fair and that the questions that can and can’t be asked are clearly understood.
  2. Ensure the invitation is in an accessible format for all, such as an email.
  3. Decide on how the interview will be conducted before inviting candidates and ensure that this is explained in the invitation. For example, will there be a presentation or written assessment?
  4. Ensure that your invitation encourages disclosure of disability so that adjustments can be implemented.
  5. As explained in previous blogs, vision impairment is a very broad disability and you can’t make assumptions.  Discuss all adjustments with the candidate prior to the interview.
  6. Discuss travel arrangements with the candidate. Is there anything you can do to make the candidate’s journey more straightforward?
  7. Ensure that all staff, including receptionists, are aware of the candidate’s needs and how this applies to them.
  8. Ensure that the interview room set up is appropriate, which could include lighting and where people are sitting.
  9. Ensure you ask everyone the same questions to remove unconscious bias from the process.
  10. If your interview is virtual, ensure that you use an accessible platform, such as Teams or Zoom. Remember that some candidates may be inexperienced using online platforms, so think about offering a “trial run” to all applicants.