Visual impairment, shopping and lockdown

Can shopping be made easier for those with a visual impairment?

People who have a visual impairment in the UK are not classified as clinically extremely vulnerable. If this us you, then you will not automatically be entitled to food parcels, priority supermarket deliveries or help with basic care needs. This can cause you anxiety and here, CrystalEyes can help.

Some help is available. If you have a visual impairment you can ask to put onto a priority delivery list. You can also visit a shop and staff will help you on request but usually separated by the length of a trolley.

If someone is going to help you then ensure that they have no symptoms of Covid-19. Furthermore, they should not have been in contact with someone who has had symptoms during the last 14 days. This is because they might be infectious.

You should talk to your helper about what you like, need, and want and make sure that you cover key issues such as:

  • Allergies or dietary requirements
  • Brands and substitutes that you are happy with
  • Fresh ingredients and ready meals
  • Whole or pre-chopped vegetables and fruit
  • Types of tin lids that you can open
  • How you distinguish between similar packets
  • Your budget

If you need other forms of help, including support to register for priority access to supermarket delivery slots, you should contact your local council directly. Find out how your local council can help.