Webinar Link: Knowing me Know me - how to flex behaviour for teens and young adults

By increasing our awareness of self and others, we can improve our relationships

Following our Free Webinar on Wednesday 8th July,

If you did miss it, or fancy watching it again, please click on this link 

Our key focus areas were:-

  • The future of work and why it’s so important for young people especially, to know who they are and the strengths and values they bring
  • Coping in lockdown and how different behaviour preferences are finding the dis-connect hard and others are thriving
  • An overview of the psychometric tool C-Me which helps understand our own preferred behaviours and those that we adapt to
  • Understanding the 4 C-Me colours and behaviours associated with them
  • How does this knowledge affect our family dynamic?
  • Next steps


Key Discussion Points

  • Understanding the different needs of this who lead with extroversion or reflection and also a thinking or feeling preference
  • Where does their decision making come from and how can it frustrate others who make their decisions using different logic or emotion
  • Everyone is a blend and knowing your lead colour and your 2nd colour can really help you understand your own behaviours and that of those in your family
  • The fact that family members often sit at different points around the C-Me wheel and what does that mean
  • Opposites attract which is often why partners sit on opposite sides of the wheel, great when you’re young but harder when you’re looking at money management and also parenting. By understanding the different parenting methods and knowing the strengths of each, you can then draw on the right colour parent behaviour when needed
  • Frustrations of those leading with blue preference who have family members who lead with yellow. Yellow preference want big picture and planning may not be a key strength of theirs. IS giving them too much detail or precision planning the way to get the best out them?
  • What happens when siblings sit on different sides of the wheel and how will the knowledge of C-Me help them understand their differences and help increase tolerance and understanding of their strengths and the value they bring

Next Steps

The reason I started these Webinars was because I know how helpful C-Me has been in my life, with both my family and work. It gives me something to reflect on when relationships become hard or a disagreement occurs. It helps me answer the ‘why did that just blow up?’ type question or ‘where did that decision come from?’ or ‘why can’t I make a decision?'

Friends and Family

During lockdown, C-Me are offering home-based C-Me reports for all the family. Cost: £15 +VAT per report or £50 for 4.

For additional work/career/school based reports, please email me


Off the back of these webinars and the work I do with young adults through Flying Start XP, I have put 2 dates in the diary to run some 1.5-2hours interactive workshops especially for 14 - 21-year-olds who are looking at the next stage of their lives.


Wednesday 29th July: 2pm

Thursday 20th August: 12pm


1.5 - 2hours

Workshop Format

Session 1: Understand the colours and associated behaviours

Session 2: Share individual C-Me Reports via email over the Break

Session 3: Share findings from their reports, helping them apply their learnings to their life now

Space available per workshop



£85 per person which includes a young-persons C-Me Report (see example attached)

To Book

Please email at alex@tlrydynamics.com or call on 07827 434 642

Places will be given on a first come first served basis and additional dates and times can be added if demand requires.

Thank you all for connecting and I look forward to chatting with you in the future. if you weren’t able to join this webinar and would like to be involved with future ‘Knowing me, Knowing you’ webinars, please do join us next Wednesday when we look at understanding our behaviour preferences with our Wellbeing in mind. Book Here