The 'force' within you

When you rethink your challenges you reveal your potential

This is one of the principles by which I have learned, over time, to lead my life and it inspired one of the primary values driving the Revo brand: Empowerment; and why I, personally, find coaching so meaningful.

Coaching is a “professional, collaborative and outcome driven method of learning.” (COMENSA)

The real purpose of coaching is to develop the individual and raise their self awareness so that he/she might achieve a specific goal or perform at a more effective level.

I believe coaching is a forward march. Through the process and experience of coaching my clients get to reimagine themselves into the future.

When working in this space I am thoughtful to remember the delicate nuance that separates coaching from mentoring, which is where a client is assisted in making advancements utilizing the wisdom of the mentor.

A great way to remember this is with the distinction that coaching is helping someone to learn and mentoring is teaching them to learn. As a coach I am often not the domain expert, but rather a catalyst to reveal the potential within. To expose the force within.

At times in the coaching journey my personal experience in corporate and as a management consultant means I actually do have the tool or template that will help to move you through their challenge, so we work through these examples using coaching based conversations and experiences. What good is 25 years worth of experience if not shared?

“Share your knowledge. It is a way to achieve immortality - Dalai Lama XIV”

Take “N” for example. She was stuck in a loop of rejections and disappointments whilst looking for a new job. Using specific coaching tools I got her to think about and identify her personal values. Her non-negotiables. With this new insight she could be more discerning with the jobs that she applied for and it gave her the courage to show up with authenticity and confidence. It wasn’t long before the positive influence of coaching meant she had secured her new job.

Coaching is not therapy.

I am not healing you from a trauma or resolving a past issue. In coaching we notice these influencers and adjust your thinking so that you can move forward with a new, more productive mindset.

Does this mean you always get it right? Absolutely not.

The greatest joy in coaching is celebrating each time you “fail forward” into success.

As a newly appointed senior manager “A” was in charge of 7 large departments. He was anxious about his promotion UP the ranks as he was until recently managing one of the departments himself. He was struggling with the transition from 1 role into the next - and he wanted quick results. A wanted to be in control. Luckily for A he chose coaching for as a coach your client is always in the drivers seat (although - sshhhh - that is what we let them think)

Working through a set of behaviour based questionnaires and a furnishing himself with 360 degree feedback he gained a much clearer insight into how others perceived him.

Armed with this new level of self awareness A revealed not only his strengths, but also his blind spots. As a leader he could now set himself achievable behaviour based goals and begin to re-imagine himself in the leadership role.

By imagining, practicing and applying these learnings he revealed the potential within himself - the ‘force’ within that that would allow him to enjoy the role and the realization that could benefit and learn from letting others take the lead.

Change is like any good battle of the galaxies. There are many twists and turns along the way to success.

Coaching gives you the tools and the people skills to be able to navigate the bumps and detours as you discover and reveal the force already within YOU

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This blog post was inspired by a recent talk I gave as part of the Toastmasters Effective Coaching Pathway - Level 4: Improvements Through Positive Coaching. I am a member of the Kloof Toastmasters Breakfast Club, Durban South Africa.