Transferring money overseas

How can Misano help?

Having been in business for over a year now, the question I'm asked the most is "how can you help me, I use my bank". That question first came from one of my first clients, David, who was selling his French farmhouse. It had been on the market for four years and had been reduced three times. Luckily, David had accepted an offer pre-pandemic and had the proceeds already in his French account when he was referred to me.

Typically, banks will charge a larger margin on foreign exchange transfers. Why they still do so is a mystery, after all, they make money from their customers elsewhere - mortgages and loans etc. They do it because they can. Many people will be under the impression that it is easier to use their bank. It may well be the case because they already hold your money so you can just ask them to exchange it.

Registering with Misano Payments takes about ten minutes and if you satisfy compliance, your account can be opened the same day. Once you're set up with me, you automatically have an "e-wallet" where you can hold up to 30 currencies in your wallet. Most of Misano's clients are just transferring one currency into another and your Misano account will cost you nothing. Misano has access to the same exchange rates as the banks - we just take a smaller margin on your transfer(s).

In addition, you can trade online yourself or via the telephone and Misano will do the trade for your on your instruction.

Contact us to see how we can help you!