How to avoid tears over turkey

Have a restful and relaxing Christmas for everyone!

Do you willingly pull out all the stops for your Christmas festivities or you feel like the Grinch in the corner, reluctantly toiling away, feeling ignored and under-appreciated? What about taking the opportunity to change your traditional family habits so it suits everyone, including you? Take the time to reflect on last year's lockdown Christmas to assess what you found restful and relaxing, what are the elements that you missed the most...and what would you happily never do again?

One of the most important things is to remember that it's your day too, so take the time to plan how you can ensure you have the time to enjoy it and avoid feeling as though you want to burst into tears over the turkey?

This year, our resilience is likely to be particularly low. We have had nearly two years of pandemic, fear about illness, worry about employment, home schooling and working from home. We have been living with uncertainty and anxiety, and recent news means that we are once again worried that Christmas is in jeopardy. We have felt isolated and alone for months or swamped with people and no space to think. Everything has been extreme. Many of us no longer feel like our ‘normal’ pre-pandemic selves.

So, this Christmas we need to be kind to ourselves. We all have a better sense of the things that feed our soul and it is more likely to be a hug and a chat from a loved one than the latest ‘must have’ gadget or expertly constructed homemade canapes. If there are ways in which you can make your traditional family Christmas less work and more fun, then do it.

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